14.17 Carats
320 Daimonds
11.5 Ounces of Platinum
Wyoming Black Jade
Tungsten Carbide blade


The Platinum Mamba


The Making of the Platinum Mamba – Why We Made This Knife .

History is made in the couse of human events not through compacency and tradition but rather when the bold actions are taken by deciding rather than just living . When I received a call from my great friend Rob Bianchin, Founder & CEO of Cabot Guns, a greatest weapons visionary, suggesting we collaborate together to build an iconic knife that would dazzle and set a new record, I felt like I never did before. I was mostly scared and worried because I knew I was going to embark on a definining project that , if we were able to realize, was going to be possibly one of most important knife ever made in history .

Making history is an immeasurable responsability and we knew we had to work harder than ever , invest, and combine our best skills and ideas in order to succeed. And we did.

The creation of the Platinum Mamba was a 2 year project inolving approximatley about 50 artisans including some of the most skilled and talented in the industry and from all over the world .
Our dream came true.

Looking at the platinum mamba is what we Italians call “un sogno ad occhi aperti” which roughly translates to an open eyes dream of competing emotions: respect , fear and immense joy . The Platinum Mamba speaks to your soul, it’s hipnotic induced by a sea of sparkling diamonds within an ocean of Platinum and it’s just hard to stop looking at it . The meticulously inlaid black jade within the platinum handle is serpentine in design and adds juxtapotion between beauty and danger. Like a Black Mamba snake the knife’s super-metal tungsten carbide blade is the most effective cutting weapon ever made by man, more dangerous than knives of steel. The polyhedral tungsten carbide makes the blade the hardest and sharpest ever done . It’s a perfect combination between rare and unique materials and geometrical lines and you dive into these .

The desire to own the rare and beautiful is a deeply embedded in the human soul, it’s a human instinct, which has always existed since the time of human prehistory .

Pirates would have crossed oceans, risked their love in battle against enemies to own an item such the platinum mamba, a sign of bloody power .

The Platinum Mamba is now a part of knife history and there’s no why we did this knife . It just happened. Like the bite of a snake .

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